Here’s a list of my contributions to the scikit-learn repository. The mentorship that I got enabled me to contribute. The people of the organization are very friendly and entertains silliest of the doubts. All thanks to them!!

Merged Pull Requests:

#9536 Backports msg in assert_raises and assert_raises_regex

#9588 Adds helpful messages in all error assertions in estimator_checks

#9584 Implements ducktyping to allow for alternative Memory implementations

#9683 Addresses test errors on numpy-dev

#9677 Changes default for return_train_score to False

#9717 Deprecates gaussian process regression_models and correlation_models.

In Review

#9257 Adds a new class RegressorChain similar to ClassifierChain

#9875 Improves class design for Agglomerative Clustering and FeatureAgglomeration