Phew!!! Selected for GSoC-2018 :) .

This was definitely not the time I wanted the result to come. After having an exam till 5 and another due tomorrow afternoon, this result business kept me out of focus. Sitting with my headphones on, refreshing PSF GSoC page, and drinking water regularly, this is what I was at from 9.00pm IST. Now, it’s all sorted, the stage is set, the time has started to execute what has been thoroughly planned for this summers.

With my End Semesters examination still on, I am briefly getting familiar with the work. I have started using playing around with shaders. As we enter the Community Bonding Period, I have the following goals in coming days

  • To start writing blog, which I guess is on track after having a good start like this ;)
  • Participating more on the Gitter Channels.
  • Continue with the small contributions that I have been doing.
  • Look for more visualization related issues (#1492 and #1355).
  • Participate in Brainhack. Although I cannot physically attend the event, but I’ll be keeping track of the talks, to get introduced this field.

While there are a few issues I am working on and hope to complete that soon, I would join the discussions on issues related to visualization soon.

It’s a good start to this interesting endeavour and would love to keep the spirits high. <3

Will be back with more interesting stuff.