Google Summer of Code is an annual Open Source program which selects open source enthusiasts who work on interesting projects under many different open source organizations. The aim of the program is to promote open source and to teach the practices of good coding skills. The program is high competitive and the acceptance rate is around 20-25%.

I was selected in dipy - an open source organization in Medical Imaging. My mentor is an Assistant Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington.

The Work

Employed GLSL Shadersto build stunning visualizations of brain images and other datasets. Studied the various uses ofFragment,VertexandGeometry Shadersand extended the current viz module to support Shaders that would result in a better visualization. Developedvtk.SetGeometryShaderCode examples which would be helpful to both dipy and vtk libraries


The full documentation and Code can be found at the project GitHub page here.


Demo Videos of my attempt can be found in the Documentation. They are alo listed here.

  • Frame Rate Calculation (Runtime) -
  • Sphere with User defined Color -
  • Silder to change axes value of Ellipsoid -
  • Geometry Shader 1D -
  • Geometry Shader 2D -
  • Geometry Shader 3D -