The last two blogs have covered my weekend expeditions for the past five weekends. Here I am with the last two weekends.

Imperial Palace and Robot Restaurent (Saturday, Week 6)

Looked like I have covered thw whole of Tokyo and only a few places were still left to explore. Hence I made plan for the above two points of interest.

Imperial Palace

Situated at a walking distance from Otemachi station, this Imperial Palace is spread over a large area. There an Eastern Garden of the Imperial Palace situated just beside the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace offers free guided tour inside the palace. The tour lasted around 75 minutes and I got to know a lot about the history of the place. The place was decent and the next in the list was the Eastern Garden of the Imperial Palace. After having visited places like Yoyogi Park and Gyoen Garden, this one looked pretty normal and hence the stay in the garden soon ended.

I headed towards a much anticipated shows - The Robot Restaurant.

The Robot Restaurent

Located in Shinjuku, the Robot Restaurent welcomes tourists from all around the world. The tickets are a bit on the costlier side and hence I was excited to know what it has to offer. From the reviews of the show I learnt that grabbing the front row seat is very important. Hence I arrived at the venue with my online ticket an hour before the show. I requested the official for a front row seat in exhange for the online Klook ticket I had. The package includes a sovenier and I got a golden colored parker pen with the text “Robot Restaurent” printed on it.

Straightforward to the show, it started with a bunch of large remote controlled moving machines (one may call them robot) with humans on top of it performing. The first show was kind of traditional show with a mix of horror and comedy. Then there was a washroom and food break. The came the most interesting part - a theme based robot fight. It was a story based fight and hence it was fun to watch. I was surprised when the started bursting crackers and fire weapons inside the show room, it was scary. This particular show was the highlight.

The following shows were also good and the show ended with tradional flavour and one performance with the message that the world is one. There were loud noises and lights throughout the show and it took some time for my ears to get stable after the show. Overally a very good experience. Must do for a foreign traveller.

This was my adventures during the weekend and I hope I have done justice to this wonderful opportunity of exploring this beautiful country. See you again Japan!


- thechargedneutron