My thought on how Time Travel can actually be a reality and indeed we might be doing it unknowingly in many forms. Read this small piece to know what I think.

Time Travel

The protagonist of the movie Interstellar goes into a five-dimensional space and passes on a cryptic message to her daughter. Do we also have the power to travel time and gain a broader knowledge of what is coming towards us, and possibly avert the dangers? It looks like a trivial NO. But who knows, we may not be intelligent enough to perceive our ability to do so. This excellent short movie starring Nassurudin Shah also makes me more inclined to believe what I am going to claim in the forthcoming statements.

Do you remember the older man you helped cross the road yesterday? Or the young man who you saw crying beside the street? Maybe it is you who traveled back time to give a younger version of you a piece of advice or a lesson. It is evident that our actions and decisions are influenced by what we see and experience around us. And precisely why you are occasionally brought into intellectual contact with them. As rightly said so, our future is decided by our present actions. And who knows, the atrocities we face in the future are actually caused by the younger version of ourselves. Multiple existence of the same individual in a different body is something which is very counter-intuitive but cannot be denied. The same argument goes around when we propose the concept of Hell and Heaven. This perfect analogy was presented to me by one of my former internship guides. As per legend, it is believed that if we do good actions in our life, we are taken into heaven, which has all kinds of good things associated with it. Contrary to this, we have hell, which makes you suffer in your life after death. Now, this idea can also be presented in a sense that after death, an individual is surrounded by his own self at different points of life. Consequently, a nobleman would be well treated by all his previous forms, thus having a heavenly experience. Similarly, one experiences hell if the individual did wrong with the people around her.

These arguments strengthen my belief that a time-traveled version of ourselves surrounds us, and their presence heavily influences our actions and futures. It is just that we are too naive to comprehend this idea. This idea is in coherence with the saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” According to my understanding, having this idea in the back of our minds would make us act in a better and wise manner. The more I observe things going on around me, the more I am forced to believe this.

  • thechargedneutron